The Songs

Kissin’s Nae Sin
Cairn o’ Mount
Annie o Roch Royal
Logie o’ Buchan
Jamie Raeburn
The Terror Time.
The Auchengeich Disaster
The Queen Among the Heather
Up and Awa wi the Laverock
The Twa Sisters
Band o Shearers
Tattie Jock
Willie’s Fatal Visit
Dunfermline Feein Mercat
Fordell Ball
The Gypsy Laddies
Follow my Heilan Sojer
Tramps and Hawkers
The Donobristle Moss Moran Disaster
Night Visiting Song
Pills of White Mercury
My Plaidies Awa
Tattie Time
Bonny Peggy
A Wee Drappie O’t
Waly, Waly
Duncan Gray
It Was in the Toon o’ Kelso
O Gin My Love Were a Pickle o’ Wheat
The Collier Laddie
The Grey Silkie of Sule Skerry
Johnny Lad
Ye Hae Lien Wrang
The Bonnie Lassie o’ the Mornin’
Maggie Lauder
The Beggar Lad
The Wife of Ushers Well
Thomas the Rhymer
Sir Patrick Spens
Burns and his Highland Mary
The Deadly Wars
The Spanish Lady
She Was a Rum One
Johnny Dear Johnny
Matty Groves
The Lothian Hairst
The Overgate
Jock Stewart
Phiege a Grath
I Wonder
Erin go Bragh
The Beggerman
D Day Dodgers
Lord Donald
The Joy of Living
Eence Upon a Time (When I Wis Young and Bonny)
Mary Mild
Black Waterside
The Bonnie Hoose 0′ Airlie
Fair Rosie-Anne
The Wimmen O’ Dundee
Why Should I
Johnnie My Man
Donal Ogg
Silken Snood
The Cruel Mother
Eh’m A Dundee Lassie
Rue and Thyme
The Rantin’ Laddie
Pills of White Mercury
The Sailor Deceived
I’m A Workin Chap
Rollin in The Dew
The Wedding of Lachie McGraw
The Jauntin Car
Aqua vitae
He’ll Nae Tak Liver
Bonnie Udny
Allan Water
Traiveller’s Joy
Sailing’s a weary life
Edom o’ Gordon
Be Good Tae Me
The Twa Sisters (The Swan Swim’s Sae Bonnie)
Twa Years Ower Young
Happen Row
The Flyting o’ Life and Death
The American Stranger
Skippin’ Bar’foot Through the Heather
The Belt wi Colours Three
Rowin Hard Against the Stream
Cloudberry Day
The Wild Geese
Westlin’ Winds
Rowan in the Rock
John Lover
Mountain Fields
I Never Cried
The Bold Princess Royal
Arthur McBride
When a Man’s in Love
Jack Barleycorn
The Flower of Serving Men
Barney’s Epic Homer
The Coast of Peru
The Fowler
The Ranter
The Flying Cloud
Flying High, Flying Free
Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Mary Mild
Aince Upon a Time
O Wert Thou In the Cauld Blast
Tunes: Chinqui Pin Hunting / Rock the Cradle Joe
Tunes: Da Slochit Light
Tune: Neil Gow’s Lament for His Second Wife
Tune: Carter Bar / Andy’s Jig
Tune: The Rights of Man
Nancy Whisky
The Auld Beggar Man
She’s only my Auld Sheen
Pittenweem Joe
The Kelty Clippie
Jocky’s Incredible Flight
My True Love’s A Sailor
Katie Bairdie
The Gallowa’ Hills
Ma Maw’s A Millionaire
Fine flowers in the Valley
When I was single
John Barleycorn
Poor Rovin’ Lassie
Lord Lovat