Bob Blair


Bob Blair is a singer especially noted for his interpretation of Scottish lyrical songs and traditional ballads. He plays concertina and guitar, but generally prefers the beauty of unaccompanied singing.

It is something of an understatement to say that Bob has a passion for traditional song. He has a deep understanding of traditional singing styles and has lectured widely at Universities, Colleges and workshops at numerous festivals. Originally from Fife and now living in Glasgow, Bob is a member of Stramash, a group of singers who care intensely about Scotland’s traditional song heritage. His interest though, is not just an academic one, he is without doubt one of Scotland’s finest traditional singers – one of that rare breed who can do justice to the incredible range of ballads and songs passed down through the generations.

Bob’s repertoire is wide, often including relatively unknown versions of traditional songs. Whilst living in England in the 1960s and 70s, Bob was a member of Ewan MacColl’s “London Critics Group” and helped start The Grimsby Folksong Club. He has featured in a number of radio and television productions including The Song Carriers and Ewan MacColl’s award winning ‘Radio Ballads’.