The Recordings

Folk Legacy – Historic live recordings sampling the treasures of our archives – FOLKLEGACY1

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These are now historic live recordings from the Girvan Folk Festival. We believe that this is an important archive giving considerable insight into performers from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. The recordings include the interaction between artist and audience. As ‘live’ recordings they may not be perfect – but then again they may be! These two CDs were compiled to give a flavour of the archive. ARTISTS INCLUDE: Arcady, Altan, Boys of the Lough, Dave Burland, Deanta, Dervish, Bob Fox, The Gaugers, Tony Hall, Heather Heywood, Highland Connection, Jolly Jack, Norman Kennedy, The Kipper Family, John Kirkpatrick, Iain Mackintosh, Cathal McConnell & Tim O’Leary, Adam McNaughtan, Mirk, Gerry O’Connor & Francie McPhail, Ossian, Quadrille, Bobby Robb, Setanta, The Voice Squad, Waterson:Carthy, Huw & Tony Williams.

CD 1: Tunes, Arcady; Singer of Songs, Iain Mackintosh; Tunes, Paddy’s Trip to Scotland, Dervish; Patagonia, Mirk; Transportation Ballads, Adam McNaughtan; Tunes: The Lancers / Petronella, Boys of the Lough; Adieu to Old England, John Kirkpatrick; Lovely Jessie, Heather Heywood; Ye Lovers All, Cathal McConnell & Tim O’Leary; Sally Wheatley, Bob Fox; Whistling Monologue, The Kipper Family; Donal Agus Morag, Altan

CD 2: When First I Came to Caledonia, Waterson:Carthy; The Baleana, Bobby Robb; Tunes, Highland Connection; I Can Jump Puddles, Huw & Tony Williams; Tunes, Setanta; The Deadly Wars, The Gaugers; Tunes, Quadrille; As I Roved Out, The Voice Squad; Tunes, Deanta; Schooldays Over, Dave Burland; Yarmouth Town, Tony Hall; Puirt, Norman Kennedy; Tunes, Gerry O’Connor & Francie McPhail; The Northwest Passage, Jolly Jack; I’m a working chap / Tunes, Ossian

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Reaching for the High High LandsScots songs and ballads by Bob Blair – LTCD1001

The first in the series and fittingly by one of Scotland’s finest traditional singers.

Tracks: Kissin’s Nae Sin, Cairn o’ Mount, Bonny Peggy, A Wee Drappie O’t Waly, Waly, Duncan Gray, It Was in the Toon o’ Kelso, O Gin My Love Were a Pickle o’ Wheat, The Collier Laddie, The Grey Silkie of Sule Skerry, Johnny Lad, Ye Hae Lien Wrang, The Bonnie Lassie o’ the Mornin’

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Scots songs and ballads by Jimmy Hutchison – LTCD1002

The second in the series by one another of Scotland’s fine traditional singers.

Tracks: Erin go Bragh, She Was a Rum One, Matty Groves, The Overgate, The Beggerman, I’ll Lay Ye Doon Love, Phiege a Grath, Corachree, False Lover Won Back, The Spanish Lady, Lord Donald, D Day Dodgers.

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Cloudberry Day
Scots songs and ballads by Alison McMorland- LTCD1003

Alison has a great reputation as a singer. This is her first solo album since Belt Wi Colours Three was released on LP back in the ’70s.

Tracks: Traiveller’s Joy, Sailing’s a weary life, Edom o’ Gordon, Be Good Tae Me, The Twa Sisters (The Swan Swim’s Sae Bonnie), Twa Years Ower Young, Happen Row The Flyting o’ Life and Death, The American Stranger, Skippin’ Bar’foot Through the Heather, The Belt wi Colours Three, Rowin Hard Against the Stream, Cloudberry Day

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Eence Upon a Time
Scots songs and ballads by Maureen Jelks- LTCD1004

Maureen comes from Dundee. She is devoting a lot of time to her singing and her reputation is growing rapidly.

Tracks: Eence Upon a Time (When I Wis Young and Bonny), Mary Mild, Black Waterside, The Bonnie Hoose 0′ Airlie, Fair Rosie-Anne, The Wimmen O’ Dundee, Why Should I, Johnnie My Man, Donal Ogg, Silken Snood, The Cruel Mother, Eh’m A Dundee Lassie, Rue and Thyme, The Rantin’ Laddie,

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Allan Water
Scots songs and ballads by Tom Spiers- LTCD1005

Tom is from Aberdeenshire. He has recorded extensively with The Gaugers.

Tracks: Rhynie, Pills of White Mercury , The Sailor Deceived, I’m A Workin Chap, Depression, Binnorie, Rollin in The Dew, Ythanside, The Wedding of Lachie McGraw, The Jauntin Car, Aqua vitae, Absence, He’ll Nae Tak Liver, Bonnie Udny, Allan Water

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Half Ower Half Ower tae Aberdour
Scots songs and ballads by Jack Beck – LTCD1006

From Fife, Jack is held in high regard by all the singers in Scotland. He was a member of the Scots group Heritage.

Tracks: Band o’ Shearers, Dunfermline Feein’ Mercat, Tattie Time, Fordell Ball, The Plaidie Awa, Sir Patrick Spens, The Gypsy Laddies, The Pills of Mercury, Willie’s Fatal Visit, New Broken Token, Have you seen my Sister Mary?, The Twa Sisters, Tramps and Hawkers, Tattie Jock, The Donibristle Moss Moran Disaster,

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Lasses Fair and Laddies Braw
Scots songs and ballads by Heather Heywood – LTCD1007

Since the 1988 release of her debut album “Some Kind of Love”, Heather’s voice has reached all parts of the World many people now regard her as one of Scotland’s finest female singers.

Tracks: Up and Awa’ Wi’ the Laverock, Two Bonny Boys, Logie o’ Buchan, The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No, Queen Among the Heather, Birnie Bouzle, Jamie Raeburn, The Auchengeich Disaster, The Lowlands of Holland, The Baron o’ Brackley, The Terror Time, The Lichtbob’s Lassie, Farewell to Whisky.

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On Yonder Lea
Scots songs and ballads by Ellen Mitchell – LTCD1008

Ellen is from Glasgow, this is her first solo recording.

Tracks: Willie Brewed a Peck o’ Maut, Clyde’s Waters, Bonny Boy, Mary Mild, The Ewe Bughts, The Feein’ Time, Waes Me for Prince Charlie, Far Over the Forth, Lady Mary Anne, Rue and Thyme, The Birken Tree, Aince Upon a Time, The Twa Brithers, O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast


Ballad Tree (LTCD1051)

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Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
Ballad Tree – LTCD1051

Ballads from two of Scotland’s most passionate singers, whose wealth of knowledge and experience of traditional song is legendary.

Tracks: The Wife Of Ushers Well, Lamkin, The Two Brothers, May Colvin, Braes O’ Yarrow, Lover’s Ghost, The Wee Toon Clerk, Tam Lin, Clerk Saunders, The Daemon Lover, King Orfeo.


‘Made in England’ 

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Terry Yarnell
A Bonny Bunch – LTCD1101

Songs & Ballads from Terry Yarnell, a member of Ewan MacColl’s ‘London Critics Group’.

Tracks: The Bonny Bunch of Roses, The Trees Grow High, Mr. Fox, The Seeds of Love, The Flying Cloud, Foggy Dew, Banks of the Nile, The Wedding Song, Clerk Saunders, Hopping Down in Kent, As I Roved Out, Sweet Thames.

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Chris Foster
Jewels – LTCD1102

The album comprises of a mixture of traditional songs learnt from traditional singers and various archive sources. Some have been in Chris’s repertoire for many years while others have been added in the last year or so.

Tracks: The Banks Of Newfoundland, The New York, Trader , The Grey Cock, The Cobbler And The Butcher, The Herring’s, Head, Georgie, Rufford Park Poachers, The False Hearted Knight, Gypsy Countess, Lady Maisry, Australia, The Golden Glove.

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Steve Turner
Whirligig of Time – LTCD1103

This is the first album recorded for CD by Steve. This CD has been hailed as ‘the best ever’ from Steve, regarded as one of England’s major singers of the folk revival. The supporting musicians include Martin Carthy and Oliver Knight on guitar, Kevin Brown on slide guitar, Miranda Sykes on double bass, Gill Redmond and Riki Gerardy on cello and Nancy Kerr on fiddle and harmony vocal. James Fagan adds harmony vocal and Pete Flood drums.

Tracks: The Isle of St Helena, The Dry Cardrona, The Poor and Single Sailor, Bonnie George Campbell, The Rambling Beauty, The Glendy Burke, Young Waters, The Gold Watch, Sir Colvin, The Brave Dudley Boys, Where e’er you Walk.

Steve Turner 
Rim of the Wheel – LTCD1104

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Musicians: Steve Turner – vocals, harmony vocals, English concertina, cittern; Moira Craig – harmony vocals; Martin Carthy – guitar; Pete Flood – percussion; Oliver Knight – electric guitars; Riki Gerardy – cello.

Tracks: Jordan, William Glenn, Peace Descends, Lass of the Moorland Hill, Flowers of Manchester, Boomers Story, Thomas of Yonderdale, Follow the Drum, Captain Popkin’s Fancy, The Crows they Crow, Claudy Banks, Napoleon’s Farewell to Paris.

Steve Turner 
Spirit of the Game – LTCD1105

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NOTE FROM STEVE: Spirit of the Game is my seventh solo album and the title is taken from the title of the 42nd and final section of the laws of cricket, my other passion, and it is open to interpretation as appropriate! I have tried to keep the recording fairly uncomplicated and am honoured that my friends the Wilsons and Riki Gerardy were happy to assist, and offer my grateful thanks to them. I have also tried to encompass songs on as many varied subjects as I can on this recording.

TRACKS: Green Mossy Banks of the Lea. Blow ye Winds. Lampedusa. Loose Every Sail. The Maid of Erin. Old Maui. Gentle Lena Clare. Highland Soldier. Wholly and Fairly. Plains of Waterloo. Done with Bonaparte. When the Roll is called up Yonder.


American Songs and Ballads series (LTCD1301 -)

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Boy She’s A Daisy
American songs and ballads by Sara Grey – with Kieron Means & Kate Lissauer LTCD1301

The first in our American songs series and fittingly, by Sara Grey, a singer with an enormous knowledge and understanding of the linked traditions of the British Isles and North America.

Tracks: Rosianne Meet Her When the Sun Goes Down Hop High My Lulu Girl Blue Mountain Lake The House Carpenter Songs of War: Dear Honey, Poor Soldier, The Southern Girl’s Reply, The Dying Legionnaire Bucking Bronco The Silk Merchants Daughter Say, Darling Say The Little Carpenter The Scow on Cowden’s Shore Parting Hand Gone, Solid Gone


‘Magic of Live’ series (LTCD2001 -)

A series of live recordings, to capture some of the magic of live performance that can sometimes be difficult to capture in a studio.

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Walt Michael & Company
Legacy – Live at Dean Castle – LTCD2001

The first in a ‘live in concert’ series by a wonderful old time string band from the USA.

Tracks: The Montreal Reel / The Bay of Fundy, The March of St. Timothy / Napoleon Crossing the Rhine, Stepstone, Chinqui Pin Hunting / Rock the Cradle Joe, Early, My Dixie Darling, Legacy, The Ashland Breakdown, Blackbird, Planxty Fanny Power, Da Slockit Light, Hawks & Eagles/ Gray Cat on the Tennessee Farm / Rockingham Cindy/Golden Slippers, Ashokan Farewell.

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Norman Kennedy
Live in Scotand – LTCD2002

A hugely influential singer – oft quoted as a source of songs and inspiration by others in The Tradition Bearers series.

Tracks: Nancy Whisky, Johnnie O Brime, The Earl O Cassillis Lady (The Gypsie Laddies),Lord Donald, The Ale Wife, The Auld Beggar Man, Molly Baun, The Tinklers Waddin, The Lassie Gaitherin Nuts, The Beggar’s Daughty, The Cruel Mother, The Band O Shearers, She’s Only My Auld Sheen, The Rigs O Rye, The Laird O Drum

Our ‘3000’ series


Exactly what comes into this series of recordings may appear a little hazy at this point – but we have a plan and a better series name will appear! We could easily argue the fact that John Watt is a traditional singer – but this album doesn’t really fit into our Scots Songs & Ballads series. John is a writer of songs some of which have entered the tradition. Alison McMorland and Geordie McIntyre have produced an album of songs using the theme – ‘Love, Land and Nature’. Some songs are traditional but most have been written within the revival.

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John Watt
Heroes – LTCD3001

“John Watt is one of the Scottish folk scenes best, and best loved songwriters.

Tracks: The day that Billy Cody played the Auld Grey Toon, Big Neil, Pittenweem Jo, Charlie Dickson, Herzogin Cecile, Kentucky Saturday Night, It’s fine to keep in wi’ the Gaffer / Bonnie Dundee, Ode to Joe Corrie, I don’t like Dundee, The Kelty Clippie, John Thomson / Flooers o’ the Forest, Set of Tunes, Jocky’s Incredible Flight, Owt for Nowt, No Snow Falls Today, Wild West Show.

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Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
Rowan in the Rock – LTCD3002

An album of traditional and newly written songs on the subject of Love, The Land and Nature a review of this CD

Tracks: The A83, Wild Geese/Norland Wind, Backies, Inveroran, Seven Men of Knoydart, Westlin’ Winds, The Silkie of Sule Skerry, Joy of Living, Another Valley, Braes o’Balquidder, Quiet River, Mother Earth, John Muir, Rowan in the Rock

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Chris Foster
Traces – LTCD3003

A welcome release from one of the leading figures of the folk revival.

Tracks: The Bold Princess Royal, Arthur McBride, When a Man’s in Love, Jack Barleycorn, The Flower of Serving Men, Barney’s Epic Homer, The Coast of Peru, The Fowler, The Ranter, The Flying Cloud, Flying High – Flying Free, Raggle Taggle Gypsies

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Kieron Means
Run Mountain – LTCD3004

Kieron is the Scots born son of Sara Grey and grew up in a family strongly immersed in the American song tradition. This album of American songs is quite exceptional. You can hear Sara’s banjo style in Kieron’s guitar playing. Hard to pigeon hole – easy to enjoy!

Tracks: Run Mountain, John Lover, Deep Ellum Blues, Hard Killing Floor, Sandy Grove, Red Rocking Chair, Mountain Fields, The Shark Song, Boll Weevil, Rain & Snow, Edward, I Never Cried, Lonesome Robin, Heartaching Blues.

Carol Anderson and Martin MacDonald
Single Track Road Trip – LTCD5001

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An energetic and sensitive fiddle player from the North East of Scotland accompanied by Martin MacDonald, a gifted guitar player. A rare collection of tunes. A must have!

Tracks: Glengarry Hall / The Bride’s Jig / Donald MacLean; Auchenblae; The Clan MacColl / North of the Grampians / The Haggis; Wilderness Brae / the Golden Sands / Colin MacDonald’s welcome to Fetteresso / The Shakin’s o’ the Pocky / The Firth House; The Little Cascade; Blue Mount Waltz / Lucy Cassidy; Major Manson at Clachantrushal / Susan MacLeod; Roslin Castle; Culbokie / The Rejected Suitor / The Fourth Floor; Lochanside/ The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein / Pibroch MacKenzie’s Farewell.