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Photo of Heather Heywood

On this page you can listen to samples from some of the recordings in our Scots Songs and Ballads series. Most of them are full tracks rather than small snippets. We hope that you enjoy them and perhaps, just perhaps, you might be tempted to buy the CDs. We think they are very special. All of the singers have individual voices, just like any human being, but they share common links to the Scots singing tradition. If you enjoy any one of them, there is a good chance that you will enjoy all of them, so buy at least one CD and see where it leads you!

SAMPLE TRACKS:Scots songs and ballads

From Heather Heywood – Lasses Fair and Laddies Braw
Sample Track: Heather Heywood – Logie O’ Buchan

From Jack Beck – Half Ower Half Ower tae Aberdour
Sample Track: Jack Beck – Fordell Ball

From Bob Blair – Reachin’ for the High, High Lands
Sample Track: Bob Blair – Cairn O’ Mount

From Ellen Mitchell – On Yonder Lea
Sample Track: Ellen Mitchell – Mary Mild

From Fiona Ross – Clyde’s Water
Sound Clip: Fiona Ross – Clyde’s Water

There are more samples on individual artist Sound pages.

Sounds Page: Bob Blair

Sounds Page: Heather Heywood

Sounds Page: Jack Beck

Sounds Page: Ellen Mitchell

Sounds Page: Fiona Ross

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