Heather Heywood

“Heather Heywood is one of the finest singers of her generation. Ask anybody among her peers to name their favourite singers, and the name Heather Heywood will be mentioned again and again. ……” Sheena Wellington.

Photo of Heather Heywood

Heather Heywood

Heather has sung from an early age and singing and music of various kinds was in the family. Heather Heywood was born in Ayrshire. She has some Irish ancestors at grandparent level. Her mother was a Bruce and her father’s family were travellers, Gunns from Sutherland. Heather is widely regarded as a ‘singers singer’ and has earned the respect of many of the country’s top performers. Most regarding her as among the very best of Scottish singers. She is best known for her interpretation of traditional songs, her repertoire is wide and the bulk of her material comes from the Scottish tradition. It is the particular quality of her interpretation of ballads that has made many people hold her in such high regard.

Heather has been modest about her own talents. Bringing up the family has restricted Heather’s ability to travel as a singer, but the reality is that she has not wanted to do that on a full time basis. Her singing talents are natural and she can rightly be viewed as a traditional singer.

Lasses Fair and Laddies Braw
Scots songs and ballads by Heather Heywood – LTCD1007

Since the 1988 release of her debut album “Some Kind of Love”, Heather’s voice has reached all parts of the World many people now regard her as one of Scotland’s finest female singers.

Tracks: Up and Awa’ Wi’ the Laverock, Two Bonny Boys, Logie o’ Buchan, The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No, Queen Among the Heather, Birnie Bouzle, Jamie Raeburn, The Auchengeich Disaster, The Lowlands of Holland, The Baron o’ Brackley, The Terror Time, The Lichtbob’s Lassie, Farewell to Whisky.

By Yon Castle Wa’ – Heather Heywood
Greentrax CDTRAX054 – 1993

CD sleeve Heather Heywood cdtrax054

This CD was produced by Brian McNeill. This recording features a wide range of songs giving a better insight into her ballad singing, together with accompanied traditional songs and some contemporary material. Accompaniments are provided by Brian McNeill (fiddle), Dougie Pincock (Highland pipes and whistle), Colin Matheson (piano), Iain Goodwin (guitar) and Ron Shaw (cello).

Tracks: The Sands o’ the Shore, Far Over the Forth, For a New Baby, False False Hae Ye Been, I Hae But Son, The Wandering Piper (tune), Jamie, The Wife of Ushers Well, Mistress Heywood’s Fancy (tune), The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow, Some People Cry, MacCrimmon’s Lament, MacCrimmons Sweetheart (tune), The Corncrake Amang the Whinnie Knowes, Aye Wakin’ O, Young Watters, Paul’s Song

Some Kind of Love – Heather Heywood
Greentrax CDTRAX010 – 1987

CD sleeve Heather Heywood cdtrax010

In 1987, Heather was finally persuaded to make the recording which many people had asked for over the years. She was reluctant to go into the recording studio but once inside, her performance was remarkable. The result was an album that has generated tremendous interest and excellent reviews.

Tracks: The Sally Gardens, Lord Lovat, Song for Ireland, Some Kind of Love, Let No man Steal Your Thyme, Bonnie Laddie Ye Gang By Me, My Bonnie Moorhen, The Cruel Mother, Wid Ye Gang Love.