Sounds: Fiona Ross

Fiona inherited a love of Scottish music from her dad and has sung popular Scottish songs from a young age. She grew up in Partick, in the west end of Glasgow, spending time throughout her teenage years at her step-family home on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Clyde’s Water – Scots songs and ballads by Fiona Ross with Tony McManus – LTCD1009

Photograph of Fiona Ross

Since moving to Melbourne in 2009, Fiona has continued to pursue, and share, her passion for the Scots song tradition. Fiona’s busy schedule of traditional Scots song concerts, workshops and presentations is coupled with the PhD she is currently completing at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium. Her research focus is on traditional singers of Scots song who emerged during the course of the folk music revival in Scotland. She is Patron of the Robert Burns Club of Melbourne.

Fiona Ross with Tony McManus

SAMPLE SOUND FILES from Clyde’s Water

Sound Clip: Fiona Ross – Clyde’s Water

Sound Clip: Fiona Ross – Bleacher Lass O Kelvinhaugh

Sound Clip: Fiona Ross – The Shuttle Rins

Sound Clip: Fiona Ross – The Day Our King Comes O’er the Water

Tracks: Davy Faa, Yowie wi the Crookit, The Bleacher Lass o Kelvinhaugh, The Burning of Auchindoun, The False Bride, The Laird o Cockpen, Clyde’s Water, When the King Comes O’er the Water, The Shuttle Rins, The Seasons, My Ain Kind Dearie O.