New release: Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre, Ballad Tree

Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
Ballad Tree – LTCD1051


Ballads from two of Scotland’s most passionate singers, whose wealth of knowledge and experience of traditional song is legendary.

Tracks: The Wife Of Ushers Well, Lamkin, The Two Brothers, May Colvin, Braes O’ Yarrow, Lover’s Ghost, The Wee Toon Clerk, Tam Lin, Clerk Saunders, The Daemon Lover, King Orfeo.

Alison McMorland and Geordie McIntyre have produced a CD that has been a ‘dream’ of theirs for many years. The album is called ‘Ballad Tree’ and as the title suggests, it is an album of ballads. Some of the accompaniments include the use of old instruments incluing ‘the buzzing harp’. Alison’s daughter, Kirsty Potts, is more strongly featured on this recording, singing in unison and in harmony with her mother. We feel that this is an exceptional recording.