Steve Turner – Late Cut

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Steve Turner: LTCD1106 Late Cut. MP3 versions of the CD recording


Two Sisters
One of the most enduring and powerful of ballads given a fresh modern treatment whilst retaining the directness of the song with the vocal front and foremost.

A topical song written by Paul Metsers who many people will know as the writer of Farewell to the Gold which was recorded by Nic Jones on his seminal album Penguin Eggs. It has the simplicity of a well honed traditional song – and all the more powerful for it’s simple message on a complex situation which sadly is ever present in world news headlines.

Bide A While
A relatively modern song that sits seemlessly in the tradition. One of the great ‘parting’ songs although its message is ‘stay a little longer’ and perhaps even have a small drink!

The full CD as published

01 – Lily of the West

02 – Ain’t Gonna Work

03 – Sullivan’s Farewell

04 – On the Road to Tipperary

05 – Babylon

06 – Palestine

07 – Evening Love Song

08 – Is Your Love in Vain

09 – Two Sisters

10 – The Rambling Sailor

11 – Mary of Argyle

12 – Bide A While