Terms & Conditions

We have never pretended to be a slick, quick, operation although many of our customers find our service great. We are at the opposite end of the spectrum to people selling Top 20 products. Our aim is to provide a genuine service helping people to find recordings that are often ignored and sometimes well hidden. Although we keep physical stock of most of the items listed, sometimes when we have to order or reorder we encounter delays. Occasionally some items will have been deleted and may prove to be impossible to source. In the past we did not charge people until we supplied the goods, now, for security reasons, payments are processed through a PayPal / Credit Card Gateway and money is taken at the point of ordering. If items are delayed or prove to be impossible to source we will advise you and you may cancel your order and be refunded or we will advise you on suitable alternatives. You can contact us at: The Tradition Bearers, PO BOX 1026, KILMARNOCK, KA2 0LG, Scotland. Our physical address is 16 Annandale Gardens, Kilmarnock, KA2 0LE. Our telephone number is 01563 571220 email: admin@thetraditionbearers.co.uk